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(03/21) Kjeld “Ôfstân” DLP / CD out now

After an impressive debut album and critically acclaimed EPs, Heidens Hart Records proudly presents Kjeld’s sophomore album, Ôfstân (‘Distance’). The album was written over the course of 2017, 2018, and 2019. It is an extension and an evolution of their previous works that raises the bar set in the past, with nine insanely strong songs.
Ever since their early beginnings, the band has had one vision: to combine aggression and atmosphere in black metal. The band draws inspiration from Frisian nature, myths and sagas, and the darkness of man, combining these to create their own unique sound. Kjeld plays fast paced black metal without forsaking melody and dynamics. This album is crafted with impressive songwriting and a monolithic sound, with total attention for pure genius melodies, fueled with the most ferocious and aggressive drumming The Netherlands has to offer. This album is pure creative mastery, with their trademark
sound and riffs combined to create their own unique sound.
As always, the songs are soaked in the rich and ancient Frisian history, and solely chanted in Frisian, a minority Germanic language most closely related to English.
Kjeld’s new full length, Ôfstan, features almost an hour of music. Expect a more diverse and mature album than Skym, without compromising the basic premise that defines Kjeld: aggression and atmosphere.

Produsearre troch Kjeld en Jörg Uken
Opnommen yn 2019 troch Kjeld
Mikst troch Jörg Uken by Soundlodge Studios
Mastere troch Arjan by Tuianti Studio
Omslach makke troch David Thiérrée

Kjeld is:
Skier – stim
Swerc – bas, toetsen
Fjildslach – drums
Bile – gitaar
Tsjuster – gitaar, stim