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Barathrum and The Chösen CDs out now

Barathrum “Hailstormand Eerie: finally available again on CD format with the original audio and improved artwork. The audio here is completely identical to the first press – no remaster and no bonustracks. The booklets feature upgraded and updated art with higher resolution source graphics and printing, silver pantone printing on both.
“Hailstorm” has four additional pages with lyrics and photos that were not in the first press.
“Eerie” has a much higher quality frontcover with the full cover painting by J.S. Kerman, which was truncated on the earlier CD version.
Barathrum CD releases as always produced in cooperation with the band and with their full support.

The Chösen – “Resistance leading to strength” CD – Twenty years after the debut, The Chösen returns with their second full length album ‘Resistance Leading to Strength’. Thrashing black metal with a straight-forward drive and aggressive, hateful screams. 35 minutes of Neo pagan war that characterizes the era of black metal of 20 years ago in musical, conceptual and art style. Founding member Wolfhound (also in Standvast and Tarnkappe), who commands and dominates all with recognizable voice, has recruted new member Dragontank to bring you a powerful album full of old-school feeling that continues in the same conceptual style as the debut. The pact between Heidens Hart and The Chösen go back almost 20 years so we are proud to present the return of the band with their second album. To be released on limited CD format this summer.