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Sauron / Lugubre split CD and Wrok tape now available

Sauron / Lugubre split CD: Two historical EPs gathered on this split CD. Originally released for the 2022 edition of Veneration Of The Dead festival, these are the last copies that remained. The Sauron EP “True hate embodiment” was originally released on CD format in 2000 and obviously long sold out. Four tracks of destructive anti-human black metal in the vein of Warlust (NL), old Dark Funeral, old Marduk, old Cirith Gorgor. The Lugubre EP “Resurrection of the beast” was originally released on limited CDr disc for the mini-tour with Eternity and Corpus Christii in 2008 and remained out of print ever since. Four tracks of hyperspeed black metal that bring nothing but total war destruction and armageddon. Very limited edition.

Wrok – Ontgravenis MC: This is probably the most extreme demo ever recorded in The Netherlands. Absolutely vile and rotten primitive black metal. Life metal gothics will not like this. This is almost identical to the original 1996 demo and was previously available with the debut album. Now the last copies have been made available for seperate enjoyment.