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11/11/22 – Out now:

Various Artists – Conspiracy in blood and wisdom (digipack CD)
Dark Dutch dungeon synth music compendium. A unique and immense synth project, forged in fires of dedication. Fourteen prolific Dutch names have contributed to this prestigious gathering. Many moons in the making with painstaking eye for detail, we are proud to finally present this compendium of dark Dutch synth music. Compiled by and accompanied by original paintings of Nortfalke. Layout and additional art by The Specter. Audio mastering by Herjann. Comes in highly luxurious digipack with 16 page booklet, with pantone silver printing and glossy finish on digipack, booklet and disc – this may be the best looking digipack you’ve had in your hands for a while.

Profane Grace – Shredding stars with holes of black (CD)
The return of Profane Grace after 12 years of bleak silence. Active since 1990 which makes it one of the key projects in the history of not just American dark ambient, but in the genre as a whole. Founding member Ixithra (Demoncy, ex-Profanatica) is supported since a couple of years by Drathrul (Anu, Hour Of 13) and together they summoned “Shredding stars with holes of black“. 48 minutes of pure dark ritual ambient. Simply a masterpiece for diehard fanatics of the genre. No song structures, no drone, no gothic. Instead you’ll find brooding synthesizers, occult invocations pulsating like clouds, and lots of use of various types of vocals including the recognizable obscure whispers from Ixithra. The album is a true lurking beast of total despair.