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New releases out now:

HULDREFOLK – Morbide elite (2LP)
Second and final Huldrefolk album, out now on vinyl 2LP. Over an hour of pesten trollish black metal.

WROK – De dood roept (LP)
Vinyl edition of the new album. Wrok is back to disturb you with a second album of total uncomfortable and extreme black metal.

DUUSTER & KRANGE – ‘t Begunt (MC)
Debut demo released on super limited cassette. Expect four tracks of Heksenpiano Dansmuziek: obscure music that maybe sounds like mix of dungeon / keller synth and synthwave with black metal vocals.

THUEHENTI – Star of hatred (MC)
Primitive black metal in the vein of Ildjarn. Second demo with harsher sound than the first one.