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New releases out now:

HULDREFOLK – Morbide elite (2LP)
Second and final Huldrefolk album, out now on vinyl 2LP. Over an hour of pesten trollish black metal.

WROK – De dood roept (LP)
Vinyl edition of the new album. Wrok is back to disturb you with a second album of total uncomfortable and extreme black metal.

DUUSTER & KRANGE – ‘t Begunt (MC)
Debut demo released on super limited cassette. Expect four tracks of Heksenpiano Dansmuziek: obscure music that maybe sounds like mix of dungeon / keller synth and synthwave with black metal vocals.

THUEHENTI – Star of hatred (MC)
Primitive black metal in the vein of Ildjarn. Second demo with harsher sound than the first one.

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Sternklang LPs out now

The first three Sternklang tapes out now on vinyl. Primitive and monotonous isolationist black metal. Oppressive atmosphere through exceptional riffs and unique songwriting. Remixed specifically for vinyl from the originals recordings. High quality, heavy vinyl pressing. No CD versions ever, no digital.

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Out now:

LUGUBRE / MISANTHROPY – United in mankind’s annihilation (split LP)
Anti-human black metal. The devastating hammer of Satan stikes against unworthy existences. Limited to 200 copies. From an unapologetic and crude time, before Myspace/Instagram/Youtube even existed.

BURNING WINDS / KERBEROS – Apotheosis of war / Where darkness reigns (split LP)
Anti-human krieg black metal. Two splits on one LP. Death’s prophet commands genocidal impalement. From an unapologetic and crude time, before Myspace/Instagram/Youtube even existed. Limited to 200 copies.

BOTTENBERG – De laatste onrustplaats (LP)
Debut album of morbid black metal. A piece of classick Dutch black metal in praise of diseases, blasphemy and medieval misery. Vinyl only. Comes with hand numbered inlay with lyrics, etc. Option to include Iserne #1 magazine, including the first and only Bottenberg interview.

PEST – “Ära” and “Tenebris obortis” shaped patches
Official Pest shaped patches.

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Wyvern MCD out now

Majestic and medieval! Keyboard driven raw spellbinding black metal. This third chapter of magician Wyvern takes the listener through a phantastic and mysterious land full of witchcraft and flames on a hunt for tyrants and dragons. Should appeal to those into old Mjölnir, Grausamkeit/Corneus. Comes in a special hand numbered and assembled edition of 250 relics.

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Ancestors Blood / Heimdalls Wacht and Forefather out now

Final release for Ancestors Blood. Essential pagan black metal bands alliance. Let the flames of our ancestors burn forever in our hearts in defiance against the modern world!

FOREFATHER – Steadfast (CD)
Classic of Anglo-Saxon metal. Third pressing on CD. Forefather created their all comprehending pinnacle of unique Anglo-Saxon metal with “Steadfast”.

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Wrok and Burning Winds tapes out now

Wrok – Sessie 11-2022 (MC)
Recorded live in the rehearsal room on six tracks. Ten tracks, almost of 45 minutes of total agony and misery. Good sound – not for posers. Includes tracks from both albums as well as the 1996 demo. All covers are generously splattered with pigs blood. Performed in total possession by the threepiece Asbestus – Mictian – Herjann.

Burning Winds – Black Satanic Mass Demo 2022 (MC)
Nothing but total hate and bestial barbarism. New demo. Burning Winds is NecroDan. Hail the resurgence of primitive anti-human black metal.

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Cirith Gorgor and Kjeld LPs out now

Cirith Gorgor – “Cirith Gorgor” LP
2007 album for the first time ever released on vinyl. Great sounding luxurious vinyl edition, which does this album justice on all levels. Comes on red/black marble heavy vinyl, with gatefold sleeve and big booklet. This self-titled album is the band’s fourth full-length and show a perfect balance of full-on aggression and melodies through wellwritten song structures. Founding member Levithmong is at the top of his game behind the drums. The aggression and riffing brilliance from the first two albums “Onwards” and “Unveiling” are easily matched, but this time also executed with superior precision, making this arguably the strongest album in Cirith Gorgor’s discography.

Kjeld – “Ôfstân” 2LP
The 2021 bestselling album is now available on vinyl again. This time on gold coloured vinyl, again pressed in Frisia – keeping this album fully written, recorded and pressed in the band’s own region. Kjeld plays fast paced black metal without forsaking melody and dynamics. This album is crafted with impressive songwriting and a monolithic sound, with total attention for pure genius melodies, fueled with the most ferocious and aggressive drumming The Netherlands has to offer. This album is pure creative mastery, with their trademark sound and riffs combined to create their own unique sound. As always, the songs are soaked in the rich and ancient Frisian history, and solely chanted in Frisian, a minority Germanic language most closely related to English.

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Theudho new releases

Two new Theudho titles out now. Essential pagan black metal for everyone into Ancient Rites, Forefather, Bathory.

  • Voorbij de Nevelen des Tijds” – brand new 2022 album on CD and MC
  • Cult of Wuotan” – remix/remaster 2022 on digipack CD lim. 200

Now up in the webshop. Available in Australia at Aurora Australis; in the US at Archaic Vengeance Records.

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Wrok – new album out now

Wrok is back to disturb you with a second album of total uncomfortable and extreme black metal. The band was founded in the early 90s and still bring to mind the traditional sound of the Dutch black metal scene of that time. Expect nothing but pure bestial and primordial possession, as their legacy of highly controversial shows confirms. For fanatics of Bestial Summoning, old Barathrum, Profanatica, Apator.

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11/11/22 – Out now:

Various Artists – Conspiracy in blood and wisdom (digipack CD)
Dark Dutch dungeon synth music compendium. A unique and immense synth project, forged in fires of dedication. Fourteen prolific Dutch names have contributed to this prestigious gathering. Many moons in the making with painstaking eye for detail, we are proud to finally present this compendium of dark Dutch synth music. Compiled by and accompanied by original paintings of Nortfalke. Layout and additional art by The Specter. Audio mastering by Herjann. Comes in highly luxurious digipack with 16 page booklet, with pantone silver printing and glossy finish on digipack, booklet and disc – this may be the best looking digipack you’ve had in your hands for a while.

Profane Grace – Shredding stars with holes of black (CD)
The return of Profane Grace after 12 years of bleak silence. Active since 1990 which makes it one of the key projects in the history of not just American dark ambient, but in the genre as a whole. Founding member Ixithra (Demoncy, ex-Profanatica) is supported since a couple of years by Drathrul (Anu, Hour Of 13) and together they summoned “Shredding stars with holes of black“. 48 minutes of pure dark ritual ambient. Simply a masterpiece for diehard fanatics of the genre. No song structures, no drone, no gothic. Instead you’ll find brooding synthesizers, occult invocations pulsating like clouds, and lots of use of various types of vocals including the recognizable obscure whispers from Ixithra. The album is a true lurking beast of total despair.