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Es lebe Pest — Long live Pest!

Today marks 25 year to the day that the first Pest rehearsal took place and the first songs were written. Now in 2022, the band has been officially on hold after drummer Mrok died. But behind the scenes, the three original members Scum, Atax and Mr. Blasphemy have worked on new material – for which recordings are almost finished. A brand new full length and a split album are being mixed right now. Expect a continuation of the classic Pest sound.
On the occasion of this quarter of a century of plague we present an early mix of a brand new track entitled “Dark cold places”. This one is from the upcoming split, to be released on CD and LP formats in 2022 and 2023. Written and performed by Pest.

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Sagenland LP available again

Sagenland – Oale groond LP back in stock. This time on transparant / natural vinyl. Originally released last year with the LP selling out almost instantly, we had to wait over a year for a simple repress. Total madness.

This is the debut after more than a decade of silence. Grim black metal with melancholic folk melodies in the style of old Ulver, old Dodheimsgard, old Arckanum.

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(05/22) Huldrefolk LP and Ignis Uranium CD out now

Huldrefolk – Eeuwenhout (LP) – Medieval trollish pestkult from Flemish swamplands. A truly cult album now after years of requests for the first time on vinyl LP. Fast and muffled blasting black metal from the dark trollforests, recommend for those into old Arckanum.

Ignis Uranium – Weird rehearsal 2010 (digipack CD) – Very nuclear and unique black/death fusion. This great sounding rehearsal detonation session contains all the tracks which were meant to become the second full-length album. This is unique stuff that could appeal to fans of Negative Plane, Stargazer, Martyrium and later Dodheimsgard.

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(04/22) Bottenberg demo and Vond t-shirt

Bottenberg – Demo 2022 (MC). Morbid black metal. New Dutch project. Three track cassette with demo versions and raw mixes for the upcoming album “De laatste onrustplaats”.

Vond – Selvmord (TS). Official shirt with the controversial artwork, originally banned in some countries. Same design as the previous longsleeve, this time on a t-shirt. Comes on extra high quality Gildan Ultra Cotton.

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(04/22) Vond, Mortiis and Bestial Summoning tapes available again

Available again:

Bestial Summoning – “Live in Venray” tape
Vond – “Selvmord” tape
Mortiis “Spirit of rebellion” tape (in both versions)

Coming soon:
Vond – “Selvmord” t-shirt – same design as the longsleeve I produced 5 years ago, but on t-shirt this time.

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(03/22) Pest – Ära CD out now

Finally available on CD format again, with previous pressings by Full Moon Productions and a self released version from 2000 long sold out.
Pest is a German black metal cult that needs no introduction. From the Teutoburger forest, West Germany, comes an album full of madness and weirdness. On this album, Pest displayed how they were prime forerunners of original European black metal that does not sound like Burzum or Darkthrone. Expect chaotic compositions accompanied with hysterical and possessed vocals, executed in a way that would became that recognizable Pest sound.

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(02/22) New releases out now

Barathrum – “Demo(no)s” 2CD
Barathrum – “Devilry” MCD
Nortfalke – “Moonjeie” CD
Blot – “Folk” MC
Thuehenti – “Visions of Thyle” MC

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(11/21) New releases out now

NORTFALKE “Moonjeie” LP – brand new album, dungeon synth highlight
ELFENBLOED / KWELHEKSE split LP – old demos from early 2000s on LP (distributed title)
SAGENLAND “Oale groond” MC – while waiting for the LP repress, a limited number of MCs are available
PEST “Ära” LP – 3rd pressing, this time on solid red vinyl
PEST “Buried” LP – 2nd pressing, this time on solid blue vinyl

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(09/21) Irrlycht live cassette out now + NWN! items in stock

New and restocked items from Death Worship, Blasphamagoatachrist, Sadistik Exekution, Varathron, Nergal, Departure Chandelier, and more. Also out now:

IRRLYCHT “Wolfish hordes in Rotterdam” MC
Live registration of the 2009 show at Sathanas In Gloriam part 3, where they played with Pest, Setherial, Mare, Dodenkrocht and others. A rough but intense recording, showing the wolfish horde on their path for bloodlust in prime form. Full set, almost 50 minutes multitrack recording from the soundboard and afterwards primitively mixed in the studio. Limited to 100 copies, full professionally manufactured and dubbed cassette.