Затемно – В аду / Zatemno – In Hell (CD)


Russian hooligan folk music. Затемно / Zatemno is a Russian band from Sergiyev Posad that was founded in 2011. “В аду” / “In Hell” is a mystical anthology of four short stories written in archaic Russian key. Utterly possessed and maniacal – Optimistic, but doomed… Nonconventional instruments and black metal, for which the band should be known by now. Especially recommended to fanatics of avantgardism such as Fleurety, later Lugubrum, Blackdeath, Peste Noire.

This is the second album after “В петле” / “In the noose” (released on Aesthetic Death Records), and continues in the tradition of unique bands coming out of Russia, such as Blackdeath and VTTA. Avantgarde weirdness and total black metal. Current members of the band also playing in Cage of Creation and Neon Scaffold. Guest appearance on vocals by Colonel Para Bellum from Blackdeath.

The CD edition comes with conceptual and custom original artwork by Valeria Sakseeva that comes on an 8-page fold out booklet with great layout. Contains all lyrics and more fantastic art.

Just remember: Rope, hammer, knives! They are true, always true…

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