Albez Duz – The coming of Mictlan (CD)


Highly anticipated second album. This one sounds a bit more traditional doom (heavy) metal mixed with Type O Negative. Occult doom the ancient way. Truly an as-yet-undiscovered gem, the duo of ALBEZ DUZ create dynamic, emotive, expertly textured monoliths of sound that pull from various threads of doom metal, psychedelic rock, dark ambient, and even neofolk. Now, with The Coming of Mictlan, ALBEZ DUZ has both made bolder strides sonically and seemingly perfected their idiosyncratic, oft-elegiac craft. Dark and most doomed for sure, there’s a softer side to The Coming of Mictlan that easily evades the now well-worn cliches of doom metal and occult rock. These gentlemen are neither into perfection nor being a philanthropic Samaritan. ALBEZ DUZ is about blood, occultism, the drive for Gnosis, the savoring of nostalgia and melancholy.

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