Altwald – Там, где вечная смерть (MCD)


This is good atmospheric black metal without getting into the post/hipster/I-don’t-know/nonsense modern stuff. Title translatings to “There, where eternal death is”. A short EP/demo, but definitely recommended.

Label description: Breaking the armor of the dark ice that has bound the flow of time, the stream of living energy comes out. On the ruins of the old winter dawn, the Will takes on a new form. A sleeping forest awakes…

This music – a shard of impenetrable night seen by the Altwald in the flames of the departing winters. The unity of four souls without names and unnecessary words follows an unremarkable forest path to their goal. By the power of raw sound, filled with reveries of the past surrounded by centuries-old thickets which singing the beauty of nature, Altwald ignites the fire of the Spirit on the ashes of the burning silence.

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