Arckanum – Den förstfödde (CD)


This album is actually quite slow with lengthy ritualistic parts. The faster parts are Arckanum as you know them! Features guest solos by Set Teitan. “”Den Förstfödde” is Arckanum’s 9th studio album after 25 years of existence, and this will be Arckanum’s final album.
Shamaatae states that it is time to move on and that he will continue his Thursian journey elsewhere.
The album ”Den Förstfödde” is a dedication to Loki’s and Gullveig’s firstborn, Jörmungandr.
The songs are invocations, prayers and magical formulas, and they are designed to enkindle the black flames of Thursian Powers, its followers and Ragnarök. “Blow your venom and stretch your wings oh Mighty Dragon!””

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