Ascension – Deathless light (digipack MCD)


“Cut from the same cloth as orthodox black metal groups Ondskapt, Katharsis, and Watain, Ascension unleashed hell upon the world with their 2010 debut Consolamentum. Shrouded in a veil of secrecy, the identities of the enigmatic group is kept in the dark, although the late LSK (Hell Militia, Secrets Of The Moon, Antaeus) contributed to the debut. Although breaking little new ground, ‘Consolamentum’ stands as a fine piece of black metal. Four years later Ascension are slated to return with a new album, with the two track EP ‘Deathless Light’ serving as a grim taste.

As an inaugural calm before the storm, Deathless Light holds promise of great things to come. It’s difficult to judge a band on a mere 15 minutes of music, but Ascension seem to continue on their dark path with considerate skill and passion.” (M-A)

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