Austere – To lay like old ashes CD


First edition on Eisenwald. Austere play a highly distinctive form of depressive black metal, far removed from the suicidal dirges of Hypothermia and Trist. Austere, whilst forging their music out of pure negative emotions explore the range of these feelings in a drastically different form. Instead of harshly distorted, minimalistic chord progressions, Austere play a much “clearer” form. The distortion whilst undoubtedly there is much lighter, giving the music much more room to breathe and lacking the claustrophobic edge that a lot of this music typically exemplifies. The guitars themselves are startingly melodic, and interestingly quite diverse. Whether that’s from the hauntingly beautiful, shoegaze inspired melodies of This Dreadful Emptiness to the more classic black metal approach of To Fade With The Dusk. Austere are clearly masters of their craft, showing influences from all over the black metal spectrum.

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