Autarcie – Sequania (CD)


From M-A: “The style of ‘Sequania’ is more distinctly melodic than previous works, including ‘Groupuscule’; This new modus could be reasonably compared to Aorlhac, Angantyr, and to a lesser degree Belenos. The opener “Dans La Chenae” had me (oddly enough) alternately considering the highly melodic work from Shambless as well as the more melodic side of Taake but, with a nigh baroque sensibility tying together the finer melodies within. Perhaps calling the instrumentation distinctly ‘French’ is a bit lazy, the use of the French language throughout is perhaps enough to invoke that observation but, I would say the average person could mistake certain periods of French music for any other. Instead I would invoke a general spirit of mid-90’s pagan metal tradition when describing the overall affect of ‘Sequania’. It is infectiously melodic, generally succinct, and impressively varied. While I do have a few year education in the French language there is some small barrier in entirely deciphering the entirety of Autarcies lyrics by ear, perhaps my education was too formal and flawed, but the melodic drive of the record offers universal tongue for those ears who would worry about missing the tone of this sort of work.”

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