Bald Anders – Navigator (digipack CD)


New album by Bald Anders. Not black metal this time, not ambient, but experimental and kind of operatic rock/metal with some bits of prog and indus with beautiful imagery. Some parts remind me of later Ulver – but this album is pretty unique!
New band of the members of Lunar Aurora, it explores the dark legends of Bavaria. This is their third album already, out now after 5 years of silence.

When a castle spook meets a private eye, when one gazes through rain-swept windows across almost forgotten woods, when a boy in love departs his body, when an old man scares off shadows, when you’re standing on the shore and water laps into your shoes … then, maybe, you can imagine what it is about. Or maybe not.

We started some time around 2014 and are still not certain which story we will garb in music. And we’re definitely not certain which fabric to use for the latter. Chain mail for the obstinate beauty, fake silk for the travelling con man, or a dressing gown for the lumberjack.

Looking for thematic and musical continuity will be an exercise in futility. But that was never the plan … and might just as well change tomorrow.

The band’s name Bald Anders (The Soon-Another) is thus its own agenda.

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