Barathrum – Demo(no)s (2CD)


All pre-“Hailstorm” studio recordings compiled and for the first and only time ever released on CD format. All the official demos by Barathrum, as well as other historical artifacs. Created in legendary times when black metal was born. These demos were restored and mastered from original demo tapes, carefully preserving the true spirit and the devilish sounds. There are several Barathrum demos circulating in the internet from different rips with varying sound, and most of them are wrongfully named or just bad copies from copies from copies.

To complete this compendium with the band’s full 1991 to 1993 discography, this 2CD includes two releases not on the 3LP set: the “Soaring up from hell” rehearsal demo and the long lost and unreleased album of Barathrum from the year 1993 called “Warmetal”. This was previously released in a limited edition but long sold out. All in all around 35 minutes of extra material, for a total of two hours of pure demonic possession. This is pure Barathrum. Comes with 16 page booklet. Fully official, produced in close cooperation with Barathrum and Saturnal Productions.

If you order any two Barathrum titles you will receive a free replica from “Battlecry”, the bands own magazine from 1993 with interviews, photos, bio, etc.

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