Barathrum – Hailstorm (2LP)


After a quarter of a century dwelling in the shadows after being initially presented on CD only by Nazgul’s Eyrie, “Hailstorm” is vomited from Hell on vinyl for the very first time. Obscure, minimal, pulsating, bass-heavy black metal spawned from the early days of the Finnish extreme metal underground. Possessed by the same evil as “Drawing down the moon”, this album is guaranteed to please the ears of anyone into early Necromantia or Beherit.

Fully official release produced in cooperation with and licensed from Barathrum;
Dedicated master for vinyl format;
Double LP on clear/silver galaxy colour, with black silkscreen print on side D;
Silver pms print on sleeve and labels;
A2 poster on 150gsm art paper;
black poly-lined inner bag;
Gatefold sleeve with black flood inside;
350gsm stock coated paper with 5mm spine;
Second pressing of 500 copies.

In stock