Black Draugwath – The Draugwath legacy (2LP)


Comes in a gatefold jacket with an OBI.

Recording information:

Draugwath “Dwellers of the Cursed Forest” Demo (Disc 1):
Recorded at Killall Studio, October 1995.

Black Draugwath “Apocalyptic Songs” Reh (Disc 2, tracks 1-4):
Rehearsal recorded at Rubin Club, St. Petersburg, September 1996.

Black Draugwath “The Bottomless Armageddon” EP (Disc 2, tracks 5-6):
Recorded at Sound Line Studio, February 1997 (during “The True Bottomless Armageddon” session).

Draugwath “Promo 1995” Promo (Disc 2, tracks 7-8):
Recorded rehearsal at Killall Studio, Spring 1995.

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