Black Witchery – Desecration of the holy kingdom (CD)


Mandatory war metal.

From Bardo Methodology:
“The reason he’s not mentioned is actually a mutual request. He was embarrassed to have been the one who’d recorded such ‘cacophonous noise’, as he put it. And we were ashamed he’d even been a part of it. But we had no ability to do it ourselves at the time, and he was local. Since then, I believe he’s gone on to record really professional technical death metal bands. He thought we’d never matter or make a difference – yet he’s the one stuck in Sanford, Florida, like a fucking vegetable while we’re playing in Chile, Austria, Norway, or Finland. There was a lot of animosity between us; we basically tormented him for a week until he could take it no longer. This experience is one of the reasons why it’s hard for me to trust any studio engineer.”

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