Christs Nails – Demos 1992 – 1996 (MC)


Re-stock of this insane and possessed material. 45 minutes playing time, includes lyrics sheets.

Christs Nails was a 2-man project, which came about in the late ’80ies and from then on gathered at irregular times, producing dark and twisted musical experiments. Based primarily on classical piano (later substituted by keyboards) and vocals, the music has an eerie touch, which is strenghtened by the raw, hoarse, sometimes whispering voices.

Throughout the years the bands line-up remained the same. In a way the band still exists, and will actually never cease to exist, even though there have been and will be no new releases after the third demo, dating from 1996.

The whereabouts of the bandmembers have always been and remain a mystery. Their only intention ever was to express their innermost dark emotions through their music, and some of this has survived on the 3 demos recorded between 1992 and 1996. Much more was taped, but never released and ultimately destroyed by the band, as the music was never really intended for the public.

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