De Pankraker #2 (zine)


De Pankraker magazine’s second issue discusses the dissolution of collaborations between T., O., and J. of Turia, who were previously interviewed and seemed to have a lasting alliance. Turia and Lubbert Das disbanded or are on hold, while J. now makes noise with Rattenburcht and O. is active as Iskandr.
The magazine highlights Maurice De Jong, a musician with numerous releases spanning various genres.
We also briefly mention botulism, a rare disease caused by a bacterium. Botmuyl talks about his association with Nachtraaf in the band Botulistum. The interview with Rob Koopman, who prefers expressing himself through music rather than interviews, covers his projects Irrwisch, Azanul, and Wanklank.

Language: English
Theme: Dutch Black Metal History
Limited Edition: Hand-numbered, strictly limited to 250 copies
Format: 44 thought-provoking pages, compactly designed in half A4 size to fit snugly into your hands

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