Demoncy – Empire of the fallen angel (Eternal black dominion) (digisleeve CD)


The last two Demoncy albums are highly underrated. Heidens Hart is now official distributor of these two harder to find titles in Europa.

This is “Empire of the fallen angel (Eternal black dominion)” from 2015. Whereas the original 2003 album was recorded with a full band lineup, this “Empire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion)” was recorded solely by Demoncy founder Ixithra, with the first four tracks being entirely new compositions for a total of one hour of pure demonic evil.

The song “The ode to eternal darkness” is a re-recorded version of the same song originally featured on the “Joined in darkness” album. This version has the lyrics and singing verse slighty altered as compared to the original version.

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