Demonos – From sacred to profane (MCD)


Tour de Garde, in conspiracy with Iron Bonehead Productions, is proud to present Démonos’ debut mini-album, “From Sacred to Profane”, on CD format. Hailing from India, Démonos are a black metal duo who derive ancient esoteric wisdom from the occult, nature, and theology. Démonos reflect the futility of ever-spawning man-made doctrines rising out of those that dictate the race of most humankind. Philosophically, both the sound and imagery is aimed to thwart all known dictates of empty societal conformity as a whole. This is to be achieved and practiced through hymns and transmissions ebbing beyond human planes and across endless celestial realms. Led by the entity Démonos Obscurís, who after years of malefic presence in the Indus underground, has now embarked upon a sonic journey to conjure dark apocalyptic music featuring collaborations with artists of analogous equivalence. Across four tracks in 23 minutes, From Sacred to Profane conjures an avant-garde atmosphere firmly entrenched in the purest black arts. It is a sound both ageless and timeless, the commingling of demonology and the occult spread forth by enshrouded parapsychological spirit-beings. Now, with the alliance between Tour de Garde and Iron Bonehead, Démonos are prepared to lift their veil and traverse the cosmos with “From Sacred to Profane”.Sample:

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