Drunemeton – Tir Nan Og (CD)


Drunemeton returns with a brand new album. Fifth full-length of prolific Russian pagan black metal. Almost one hour of total battle music, accompanying advancing armies that are storming over sea and air! An impressive album of dark heathen art, where music, lyrics and original cover art are written and painted to complement each other in order to reflect an overall concept of traditional paganism, describing Celtic history, myths and their role in modern life.

Musicwise reminding of viking-era Graveland, Bathory’s both “Nordland” parts and Menhir – all performed on real instruments including Balkan duduk and wooden recorder. The songwriting is excellent here. With lengthy tracks (all ranging from six to nine and a half minutes) but not a dull moment to find. Varied and adventurous compositions with strong melodies, symphonic sections but with raw and primordial sound, and compared to Drunemeton’s previous outputs slightly more compact, less symphonic and more aggressive.

Previous albums released on the respected Der Schwarze Tod from Moscow, the project recently re-located to Old Europa and is now working with Heidens Hart for “Tir Nan Og” – the bands most epic and encompassing album thus far. Highly recommended to fans of Graveland, Bathory and Ancestors Blood.

“When our life path of struggle, toil and hardship ends, our bodies are cast to the pyre.”


Seelenfeuer Magazin 5,5/6
“Impressive! The album surprises with its many fine details. The band understands its craft and creates a unique atmosphere.”

The Killchain:
“Drunemeton are probably as close to a spiritual successor of Bathory as we’re going to get. ‘Tir nan Og’ gets the scale right, the scope of their music is big but never over reaching, there’s always an element of closeness and passion. There’s no point where it feels distant and disconnected, Drunemeton keeping themselves tethered to their forefathers’ ways tightly. ‘Tir nan Og’ is pagan black metal at its very best.”

Musika 8,5/10
“A powerful sound that invokes darkness, coldness and menace – should claim its place in every black metal collection.”

Serbian Metal 8,3/10
“Tir Nan Og will undoubtedly appeal to all fans of epics, and especially to fans of cults such as Bathory, Graveland, Ancestors Blood, Forefather, Menhir and the like. All in all, Drunemeton is something different on our scene and definitely deserves attention.”

Hellfire Magazin 8/10
“The band delivered a diverse and strong album.”

Metal Digest 8/10
“If you are ever asked the question: “what would Bathory sound like today if Quorthon was still alive?”, then the answer is pretty much ‘Tir nan Og’. This is thrashing black metal with a real sense of grandiose to it with symphonic moments add to the atmosphere as the band go full pagan.”

Zware Metalen 7,5/10
“Fans of black metal with pagan themed concept, artwork and music should get “Tir Nan Og” without hesitation.”

Rock Music Raider:
“”Tir Nan Og” does so with gusto, unlimited energy, and astute musical prowess. It is a memorable piece of Extreme Metal.”

Toxic Metal Zine:
“An impressive album of dark heathen art.”

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