Dusken – Pyrimanes (MC)


Second album of raging sinister black metal, now finally available on tape. This album shows a huge progress compared to the debut. Both an own musical as well as lyrical style have been created, setting them well apart to stand out above too many average bands out there. After the release of ‘Pyrimanes’ on CD, the band was quickly picked up and invited by various respected festivals such as Deathkult Open Air, Sathanas In Gloriam Fest, Nuclear Winter Fest, Fireblade Force, and more. Besides that, the band did several selected clubshows with bands like Ondskapt, Baptism, Sargeist, Celestial Bloodshed, and more.

This cassette release differs from the CD and LP versions completely: Side A contains a raw unmastered mix version of the album; Side B contains previously unreleased material: one demorecording of a new track, one live rehearsal track, and two live tracks recorded in The Netherlands in 2010. Limited to only 300 handnumbered copies; 100 come with printed tapes, 200 on black tape.

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