Forefather – Steadfast (CD)


After multiple presses selling out quickly and being out of print for some years again, Forefather and Heidens Hart Records are proud to make the album available again, as demand for the album hasn’t faded a single bit! “Steadfast” marked the return of Forefather with their much anticipated fifth album. Following on from the acclaim of their 2004 album “Ours is the kingdom”, they have taken their trademark “Anglo-Saxon metal” sound to a greater level of intensity and aggression, whilst still incorporating the rich melody and catchy songwriting that made their name. With stunning artwork by Martin Hanford (Bal-Sagoth) and a stronger-than-ever production, Forefather have never sounded and looked better.
The album received unanimous positive feedback, with hardly any score below 9 out 10 in the press. Fifteen years after its initial release, the album has not lost a single bit of its fierceness. Heidens Hart Records is proud to once again strengthen the bond with Forefather in its family, fitting in perfectly among other pagan metal behemoths like Heimdalls Wacht, Ildra and Ancestors Blood on the roster.

The Forefather project was born in September 1997 in Surrey, England by founding members and brothers Athelstan and Wulfstan. The aim was to create powerful and epic metal tributes to their Anglo-Saxon ancestors, straight from the heart and of the highest quality. The complete discography of Forefather is brilliant – every album better than the previous one. Forefather are the absolute kings of creativity and epic and complex layered guitar, keyboard and vocal melodies, inspiring new UK and Ireland acts such as Winterfylleth, Celtachor and Wodensthrone. The songs on “Steadfast” are unbelievably memorable and catchy, whilst being more technically proficient than ever. You’ll find a couple of true ear worms in the bombastic choruses, even when the album is a step up in terms of speed and fierce aggression compared to the previous two albums. Perfecting their style album after album, into the recognizable style of their own. With “Steadfast”, Forefather created their all comprehending pinnacle of unique Anglo-Saxon metal – the ultimate definition of epic viking metal!

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