Gestalte – Ashes of the soul (CD)


A malevolence was torn from the putrid womb of darkness in MMIX in The Netherlands when Plaag asked Dagon to entwine their tenebrous visions and spawn the malicious entity of Gestalte. Their debut album “Ashes of the soul” is now summoned through Heidens Hart Records. A true black metal revelation; not often has a new band debuted with such a strong album. Eight tracks of cold and tortured material, shaped in nocturnal and spiritual possessions at the plains of madness and insanity. Created out of anger… Pure traditional and melancholic black metal rituals and hatred, performed by five spirits drawing power from the void. For devotees of Burzum, Mgla, Funeral Winds, Godless North, Altar Of Perversion, Mare.

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