Gjendød – s/t (digipack MCD)


Trondheim, Norway-based black metal duo Gjendod unleashes a digipak CD version of the group’s acclaimed 2016 demo. With 20 minutes of fierce and memorable Norse Black Metal in the classic mold, Gjendød evokes the aura of 90s legends (Mayhem, Burzum, Ulver), while giving a nod to the local (Trondheim-based) acts such as Thorns and early Manes; from ugly to beautiful, from slow to fast, from freezing to burning – always on the edges of this old Norse Black Metal style. The band’s intention is to resurrect that primordial spirit and let it die again..
„Both terrifying and hallucinatory, ingeniously conceived and expertly performed, Gjendød is a very impressive debut.”

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