Graveland / Nokturnal Mortum / Temnozor / North – Eastern hammer (CD)


Cult split CD gathering four legendary bands. Comes with a 20-page booklet that includes information and photos of all bands.

Graveland track recorded in autumn 2005 at Eastclan Forge dungeons.
Nokturnal Mortum song was originally created in 1996 and was included in Goat Horns album. New version was recorded in 2005 at Mart Studio, Kharkiv.
North track was recorded and mixed in May / June 2005 in Gryf Studio.
Temnozor song was originally one of the first tunes Temnozor ever created in their year of Russian pagan madness 1996, it was included in Sorcery… debut album in 1998. The current new version was recorded by the new lineup in the depths of gray twilights of 2006 a.y.p.s. exclusively for this 4-way split CD.

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