Gromoverzh (Громоверж) – Izdrevle (Издревле) (CD)


Jewel case edition.
Gromoverzh (Громоверж) is a project of Stringsskald, the participant and the author of TEMNOZOR music from 2001 to 2010, plus also a musical creator of WALKNUT. The style of the project is Pagan/Black/Folk Metal.
Conditionally, the project was born in 2015, when Stringsskald had the idea to forge a strong alloy from all the accumulated unrealized material. The first test recording were made that year. The debut album of the project, “Издревле” (“Izdrevle”, means “Since ancient times”), musically can be described as a kind of quintessence of all three full-lengths of ТЕМНОЗОРЬ written by Stringsskald and a conditional continuation/development of the creative ideas of those years. Most of the material was composed during the mentioned years of his activity in ТЕМНОЗОРЬ, and the entire album is a canonical and time-tested “pagan metal” of the old type, where the musician’s signature style is heard quite easily.
The almost 73-minute creation was arranged, recorded, supplemented and gradually acquired its final form over the course of six years. The main vocals were performed by Stringsskald, clear-voiced vocals and flute parts were performed by guest musicians. Veleslav’s poetry was used as lyrics.

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