Heimdalls Wacht – Der Untergang der alten Welt (CD)


Out of print for years and in high demand all those years, we are proud to finally bring this album back on the shelves. Even though it was only the second release from Heimdalls Wacht, back in 2006, the album exploded through the underground and many of the tracks have grown out to become semi-legendary tracks. Die Tränen des alten Wächters and Weißes Pferd auf rotem Grund have been part of the regular setlist for many years. Weltenbrand is a very private and personal song for many people, and when played live recently for the first times, the audience was in awe upon every performance. Des Nordens Stern is of course a classic hymne for the band that should need no introduction. This reissue is finally out in December 2015. Over an hour of pure antichristian pagan black metal, filled with mourning and anger. Please note: no remaster, no bonus tracks, same artwork (just rebuild from the original graphics), just as the band wants it.

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