Horna – Musta kaipuu (CD)


“A pitch-black moment in time is captured here. Reclaimed from the dusty vaults, “Musta Kaipuu” presents – for the first time on CD – ten legendary, long-lost tracks from the “Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne” recording sessions. Conceived by Shatraug, Corvus, Sargofagian and Ravenum at the Boneyard in 2004, this decade of decadent curses showcases an undead entity at the peak of its wretched creativity. Like all pure Black Art, the swarming rituals contained herein are timeless … if anything, enhanced by the passing years, emerging from the cellar, rising from the crypt, breaking free of the burial chamber that awaits us all. Unwilling to die, disinterred for posterity, reinvigorated, exhumed for consumption by the ravenous black masses. A curse awakens, a sickness stirs, a blight descends.”

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