Huldrefolk – Morbide elite (CD)


Re-stock and also the last possibility to get these ever. Sold out from label and band.

Second album of medieval trollish pestKULT. One of the most original Belgian bands to exist, unfortunately now RIP. Drums by Hammerman (Gotmoor). Fast and muffled black metal from the dark trollforests, recommend for those into old Arckanum!

Label description: “Since worldwide crisis with wars and famine are a true human pain, the drunk poor pest-brewing trolls got their good times. Since their pact with the crows their success became giant. The drunk trolls are dead, the New Elite is born. We write in times where people are praying their God for forgiving their sins, to keep away His thorn of disease. Expect a mind-blowing fast black metal masterpiece with a confronting sound of medieval infecting grief. The whole world is dying…”

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