Joyless / Dekadent Aesthetix ‎- split (7″)


One of the last outputs from Joyless. Depressive avantgarde grunge/rock/pop. Dekadent Aesthetix ‎is avantgarde weirdness from Romania. Rare 7″ comes with insert and sticker.

The Joyless track “Shadow Spree” is a burning acid-bleached song with some very distinctive and poppy melodies, some of which I think I’ve heard on other people’s records, and a vocal chorus and casual free-for-all atmosphere that recall old music festivals from the Sixties and Seventies before they were repackaged and commercialised by savvy entrepreneur types for people too young to know about Woodstock and Altamont. The mood seems light-headed and lackadaisical and the vocals don’t sound too enthusiastic. The melodies, guitar riffing and the acid psychedelic texture of the music are the highlights here.

The first Dekadent Aesthetix track doesn’t sound too promising to someone who hasn’t heard their music before: an acoustic piece with background spoken-voice recordings suggesting two people in a relationship having fun morphs into a clunky clanky affair with an electronic orchestral backing, a choir of singers and chunk-a-lunk rhythms. “Shiny Morning” sounds a bit more promising, at least until the strangled clown-punk chanting starts which then more or less directs the song’s trajectory and turns it into a circus of musical mish-mash. The fuzzy guitar textures are the best thing in a song that sometimes doesn’t know what it wants to be: a bit of noise, a bit of avant-garde theatre, a bit of heavy metal declamation … and never really knows until THE END sign slams down on it. (M-A)

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