Kailash – Kailash (MC)


The self-titled debut album by the Italian avantgarde black metal band Kailash first saw the light of day in 2006 and a year later Paradigms Recordings from England printed a limited run of professional cds. Drawing influences from (progressive) rock and metal, black metal and even classical music Kailash brew their very own brand of modern extreme metal. Seldomly I have heard blastbeats and harsh vocals melt so perfectly together with jazzy, progressive moments, which even feature the use of a saxophone. Forget all those bands who try to pump every possible element into their metal and end up either like a sampler or a teenager’s drug experiment gone wrong. This very band doesn’t sound anything like that. While Kailash reminded me instantly of Ved Buens Ende and also of later Ulver or Code, it is a miracle to me, why this release didn’t get more of the attention it deserves in my opinion. A must for everyone who consideres himself a fan of modern black metal with intelligent arrangements and progressive elements!

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