Mgla – Age of excuse (CD)


Latest album. From Bardo Methodology:

“We still haven’t bothered applying for EAN numbers for any of our previous releases, which in the eyes of the ‘mainstream’ lands us firmly in the ‘amateur self-publishing’ category. Or as an ‘unexplainable aberration’ where five-digit pressing runs lack the barcode required to be sold in supermarkets. Either way is fine by me. Offers still come once in a while but are always swiftly processed with a polite ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’ Our releases are conceptualised, recorded, mastered, ordered from the pressing plant, and then distributed – right down to the packaging and mailing of parcels – by ourselves. It’s obviously a massive workload of oftentimes tedious repetition of tasks, but all this comes with a sense of fulfilment. The romantic idealist in me would like to think that maybe even the ice-cold heart of an A&R shark would melt at the sight of a band so stubbornly independent as MGŁA, perhaps realising how such phenomena are best left to develop and flourish in their own unique way. Shortly thereafter, the inherent realist within comes up with ninety-nine better reasons: transfer of copyright ownership being number one.”

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