Nocturnal Breed – The whiskey tapes Germany (CD)


The “Whiskey Tapes” albums was originally planned for release to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nocturnal Breed. But as the planning went on, we saw that there was such a positive response to the idea of releasing an exclusive album for each country. So the “Whiskey Tapes” enterprise started growing. Now 2 years later we are proud to finally have our exclusive German version launched upon the people through Folter Records, a long time partnership growing all the way back to the mid 90’s.
This release is for us very special, as is the German fans to us! The Teutonians have always been one of our biggest support group, and to be able to present an album hand made for the German comfort is a big deal to us. This is a nonprofit release for the band, and is solely intended to be a gift from Nocturnal Breed to the German fans as a thank you for always being there and always supporting the true essence of metal music.
So here is 12 old and rare versions and tracks for you to bang your heads to, as well as 4 absolutely exclusive tracks aimed just for the Teutonic hearts out there. They have been mastered and are here presented in the best way possible. It’s raw, necro and straight from the bone, just as we like it.
So let it rip and raise the German banner of metal high, this one is for all of you !!!!

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