Profane Grace – Shredding stars with holes of black (CD)


The return of Profane Grace after 12 years of bleak silence. Active since 1990 which makes it one of the key projects in the history of not just American dark ambient, but in the genre as a whole. Founding member Ixithra (Demoncy, ex-Profanatica) is supported since a couple of years by Drathrul (Anu, Hour Of 13) and together they summoned “Shredding stars with holes of black”. This is their eighth full length which is in their own words “the darkest Profance Grace album”, and we can only confirm that.

48 minutes of pure dark ritual ambient. Simply a masterpiece for diehard fanatics of the genre. No song structures, no drone, no gothic. Instead you’ll find brooding synthesizers, occult invocations pulsating like clouds, and lots of use of various types of vocals including the recognizable obscure whispers from Ixithra. The album is a true lurking beast of total despair. It slightly recalls Aghast, with vocals present a lot but always mixed a bit to the background, haunting you from the total darkness and in this way contributes to the claustrophobic and oppressive overall sound.

Although this is not the genre Heidens Hart usually releases, an album like this from a project with this kind of history could not be left unreleased. Even to this day though the project has never failed to produce the soundtrack to dismal haunts and cosmic nightmares, improving its vision with every album. Profane Grace previous albums are limited and long out of print, and most are hard to come by unless you pay absurd prices. With their 1991 debut demo released by a Dutch label as well (So It Is Done Productions), we are proud to present a return to the Low Lands with this brand new album. Highly recommended to fanatics of Aghast, Raison D’Etre, Lustmord, Sekt, Emit.

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