Regnum – Hinter der Schwelle des Schmerzes (MC + patch)


Latest demo of uncomfortable black metal. Recorded after going on a hiatus in 2007, with vocals added later. If you have followed Regnum over the years, you know the material moved into a very distinctive own style, and this new tape ‘Hinter der Schwelle des Schmerzes’ does not break this line of improvement. If you expect a crowd-friendly comeback you are wrong. The material is in the style of the last two outputs, which were the second split tape with Svarthal, and the selftitled ep from 2005, but just delving deeper in the decayed and rotten own style. That makes this the most extreme, expressionistic and nonconformistic material Regnum laid on tape, ever. Truly unique material, no simple depressive music, but thirty minutes of torn and hysterical soundscapes.

To further emphasize this unique piece, we have come up with a extremely limited edition that comes on a special tape and with a patch. The cassette is a doublesided reversed black & white cassette with onbody print in inverted colour. Totally unique, this has not been made ever before in any genre: the tapes had to be handmade by the factory on our request. The patch is embroided, size 10 x 5 cm and has logo + text on it. It’s the first ever merchandise for Regnum, and also available seperately from this limited edition. Click for photos.

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