Sekt – Unhealthcare (MC)


Truly disturbed dark ambient from Sweden, style of old raison d’etre, Lustmord and Puissance.

This piece of spiritual aggression should be seen upon as a glorification to the dark side of the human spirit – the dark night of the soul. Seven songs of disharmonic hypnosis. One hour of highly claustrophobic and surpressing darkness. Some of you might remember we announced the release of a certain Swedish dark ambient projekt ten or so years ago. Unfortunately this was never realized, contact was lost and the persons seemed to have dissapeared from the earth. Until suddenly the members surfaced again and continued the projekt in a new identity. SEKT is a musical experimentation performing uncomfortable and disturbing dark ambient based on humanity’s physical and psychological decay, and direct all concentration to attempt to recreate the sound image of the clash of total collapse. SEKT is the auditory face of religious, cultural and political collisions. The psychological tumor that eats all form of logical and moral reflection. The technological developments that contribute to increasingly powerful weapons and the war that these weapons are and will be used in. The drug cartels that impose authoritarian world corruption. SEKT is simply a tribute to man’s self-destructive nature. The stillborn pursuit of the selfish perfectionism where only ash, apathy and charred bodies remain.

“Our tongue speaks through the tormented screams of violated teenage girls. The last breath of overdosing junkies hidden away in the slums. The silent opening of stabwounds to the chest, neck and back. The forgotten faces in depraved asylums all over the world. Our tongue speaks to your world through acts of violation and abuse. Our words are sirens of nothingness, and its vibration cause the spiritual earthquakes that cast you straight into the depths of the very end. DEATH is our sight, and we frown upon your pityful existence. EMPTINESS is our impression, and we force ourselves into your heart. Like a whisper in the back of your mind that eventually grows into a scream…”

Burn the foul monuments of the world! Inhale the ashes and fucking die!

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