Sorcier Des Glaces – Snowland MMXII (CD)


Snowland MMXII” is the complete re-recording of the first Sorcier Des Glaces album “Snowland”.
The band wanted to give an updated vision of their very first work, as they thought the original one had great riffs and atmosphere, but was poorly executed and recorded. They managed to preserve the rawness and the primitive essence that characterized their first album, but with a more defined sound and production values.

Also, Sorcier Des Glaces didn’t use any keyboards on “Snowland MMXII” in opposite to the original 1997 “Snowland”.

SDG don’t use keyboards anymore in their songs since the third album (The Puressence of Primitive Forests), so that re-recorded version of Snowland is more in tune with the actual sound of the band.

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