Surturs Lohe – Wioland (7”)


`Wioland` is Old High German for Wieland. The name then gives the reference and the connection to the main art album `Wielandstahl`. SIDE A: `Mimes Reigen` = A really fast track with black metal and folklore parts. The play deals lyrically with the saga when Wieland was apprenticed to Mime the blacksmith and was thus taught the basic skills of forging. Wieland later forges the Mimung sword in honor of his master. SIDE B: `Von Albischer Hand (Metal Version)` = Only for this 7inch there is this song, the original of which is kept acoustically (Ulver sends his regards ;-)) on `Wielandstahl`, in a heartbreaking Metal version. The lyrics depict the legend where Wieland learns the blacksmithing par excellence from the dwarfs (presumably Balver cave) and does it there (later in captivity).

“Thuringian Pagan Metal at its best! An atmospheric journey through the dark forest of Thuringia. If you like Menhir or Odroerir, you will love Surturs Lohe!” (Peteris – Skyforger)

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