The Deathtrip – Deep drone master (CD)


Aldrahn return! The cosmic voice of Aldrahn from Dœdheimsgard and Zyklon B has been set free to echo once again! A frozen chill we have all been missing! Early 90s-era cold Norwegian style minimalist black metal mixed and brought back from the dead by scene originator Snorre Ruch, from the legendary Thorns. Take a Lynchian nightmare journey through bleak landscapes via abysmally grim interior reflection. Philosophical brooding and animalistic roars over discordant, jarring, familiar riffs of Celtic Frost/Bathory stature where notes bend evermore into deeper caverns. In light of the current state of black metal, it’s refreshingly dark to hear the real thing again, served up by titans of the old scene. Couldrons full of foggy riffs, ritualistically stirred with an unhealthy dose of modern paranoia, and monstrously bizarre, spirited vocals. All of the tormented, surreal and enlightening lyrics we have come to expect and love from the founder of Dodheimsgard and more. The man whose voice made Kronet Til Konge, Monumental Possession, Satanic Art and 666 International so game-changing, enigmatic and unforgettable is a gigantic vocal presence here. A brilliantly defined and realised masterpiece that’s missing from your shelf of beloved and most treasured records. A brand new ancient and antique classic.

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