Todesstoß – Vergängnisse (digipack CD)


There are few recordings that are so characteristic or distinctive for an era in time. The first demo’s and album from German Todesstoß are definitely among them though. Already the projects’ first demos were considered highly disturbing and surreal at the time, and due to this unique sound Todesstoß quickly became an underground gem. With its maniacal, unhuman vocals, cold riffs and a-typical song structures, Todesstoß stood high above a wave of simplistic, one-dimensional Burzum and Darkthrone clones. This CD compiles all the first releases from that old era:

– “Eine verlorene Seele” debut album;
– first demo “Endlose Suche”;
– material from the splits with Imperium Sacrum and Deathgate Arkanum.

With over 74 minutes playing time, the material here serves as a proper time machine as it marks an era that probably contains the most accessible music that wordsmith Martin Lang has produced. An era that also brought forth a wave of good (German) unique dark metal projects such as Regnum, Angra Mainyu, Wigrid, Sterbend, Mjölnir and of course the first three Bethlehem albums.

For many underground maniacs, the old recordings on this disc here became highly sought-after and revered throughout time. The demos and albums following the material presented here became more experimental and slower – not to everyone’s liking. For years, an official reissue of this early material seemed completely unthinkable. Great was my amazement when offered to release this material. So now, for the first time ever on proper CD format and carefully restored by the band. This is the time to replace your skipping CDR discs and worn out tapes. This release comes in 6-panel digipack with 20-page booklet featuring all exclusive original artwork, in-depth liner notes, all lyrics in German and English, photos and more. 50 A3-size posters are also available. As always, produced in close cooperation with the band.