Various Artists – Conspiracy in blood and wisdom (digipack CD)


“There is some disturbing upgrowth lately. The old ways are often mixed up with the modern world. Because of this, the knowledge and wisdom of dark magic and forgotten sorcery is getting lost.

From the haunted shores and misty moors, several battlegroups formed one army. To defend their spiritual ground, heritage and fight for retaining this almost forgotten dark philosophy they all were born from.

No less than 14 spells from the Lowlands were crafted as hymns for their battles. To rule the dark kingdom once again, to destroy the rotten realms once and for all!”

Various Artists
Conspiracy in blood and wisdom – Dark Dutch synth music compendium

“Conspiracy in blood and wisdom” is a unique and immense synth project, forged in fires of dedication. Fourteen prolific Dutch names have contributed to this prestigious gathering. Many moons in the making with painstaking eye for detail, we are proud to finally present this compendium of dark Dutch synth music. Some projects have been active for over twenty years while others are new names by people who have been involved in the scene for many years in other ways.

Expect the music to range from classic gritty cassette dungeon synth to deep dark ambient, to spacious Berlin sound, and far beyond; from lo-fi 90s sound to light psychedelic and with small hints of light industrial or martial elements here and there. From quiet inspective parts to the most bombastic and epic grandeur, to classic repetitive synth sounds. Each project with its own style and high quality songwriting.

Almost 80 minutes of darkness, with every single track being written and recorded exclusively for this compilation. This is a more than just a compilation or a sampler. No leftover tracks or demo recordings; all contributions are original and conceptual pieces written specifically for this compilation, with the image of dark synth music in mind that this compilation was envisioned to project. To further bring everything to the truly consistent analog overall sound, the album was mastered using plenty of old tube equipment and boutique outboard.

The kind of dedication that was put into this by all the involved individuals shows the dedication that still runs through the scene that is the Dutch dungeon synth collective. Therefore this compilation is a must-have for worldwide long-time fanatics of the genre as well as newcomers who may or may not have stumbled upon dark dungeon synth from or through other genres.

Compiled by and accompanied by original paintings of Nortfalke. Layout and additional art by The Specter. Audio mastering by Herjann. Comes in highly luxurious digipack with 16 page booklet, with pantone silver printing and glossy finish on digipack, booklet and disc – this may be the best looking digipack you’ve had in your hands for a while. Produced from start to finish in The Netherlands.

I. Blot – Hroptr
II. Vetus Sepulcrum – The stars of the Empyrian
III. Old Tower – Lost shards of the warlords dreams
IV. Orodruin – Dolguzigir
V. Nortfalke – Folhezjend
VI. In Days Of Old – Paths of seclusion
VII. Volc Vermaledide – Waanwettich
VIII. Vervamon – Vision of a distant planet
IX. Schemerheer – Beyond the mouth of Hell
X. Dúnatters – Ferschyning
XI. Nykr – The hidden shadowkingdom
XII. De Vijf Cruyssen – 1098
XIII. Ritumri – Traversal
XIV. Erscheinung – Ondernachten

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