Veneration – Thy infernal (MCD)


Fueled by fiery wrath, devoted to darkness, Veneration arise from the underground of Indonesia with the first demonstration of their die hard dedication to the infernal arts of black metal. The tone is set immediately with an obscure sample beckoning their master Lucifer before an onslaught of hellish blasting ensues. Occult riffs and blackened melodies are interweaved throughout the five songs in captivating variation, carefully cultivated from the purest worship of the black metal gods. VENERATION even flex some heavy metal bravado along the way, as the vocals deviate without warning from ghoulish screams to high-pitched wails, and balls-out bass licks pompously break through the sinister atmosphere. “Thy Infernal” will arouse infernal veneration in fans of Mortuary Drape, Nifelheim, Sarcófago, Beherit, Malokarpatan, Darkthrone, etc..

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