Widder – First journey (MC)


In 2013 Sigwyrd (known from pagan black metal band Mordaehoth) started experimenting with a more intuitive way of song writing. Out of these jam sessions Widder was born. While Mordaehoth mainly focusses on the warrior kult and ethics, Widder is more about the journey of the soul through the hidden nature of all things.

This music is best experienced in darkness and solitude or nature.

Four tracks of doomed black/ambient metal and dungeon synth, alternating passages of mystical, dream-like soundscapes and bone chilling riffs that cut like icy glaciers through solid rocks. The ultimate atmosphere of majestical ambient black metal opens… The air vibrates with anticipation as the hidden nature of all things slowly unfolds itself. Comes on single sided cassette with handmade drawing, and special cardboard cover in an edition of 100 handnumbered copies.

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