Wojnar – Nienawiść zaklęta w słowiańskiej ziemi (CD)


Here it is! M-A review is spot on:

I didn’t really believe that I would see another Wojnar album. His last album was released in 2009, fourteen years ago. When in 2023 there was information about new material, I was happy. However, I was not completely free of doubts. Such “returns after many years” often end in horrible ways. Fortunately, this time everything ended well and “Hatred in the Slavic Land” does not bring shame to this artist. Even more, it is definitely one of his best productions.

This album is a bit different from Wojnar’s older achievements. You can hear it already in the opening title track. The beginning is rather familiar climates with solemn recitation and the music as background. However, when the whole thing becomes more dramatic, the guitar tones hit harder. We haven’t heard such a heavy-sounding Wojnar yet. In my opinion, this is a step in a very good direction. With a stronger sound, the album is more warlike. “Łza krwią płynąca dla ojców naszych” is a return to classic, melancholic and more reflective sounds. A definitely heavy, metal sound has the beginning of “Pieśń przodków moich z pól bitewnych”. It’s an interesting track, where Wojnar successfully combines his old vibes with new ones. We have melodiousness, moody atmosphere and metal hit. And the whole thing is very catchy. However, there was also a place for more folk climates. We have “Oda do południcy”, a very atmospheric song, modeled on folk songs, also featuring female vocals. The finale is also wonderful – “Moja Słowiańszczyzna”. It’s a composition from 1995, but it’s like the crowning achievement of the whole album. It starts off solemnly and majestically, reminiscent of Wojnar’s more epic feats, though much more powerful. But it is not everything. After the main part, we get a very suggestive and dark dialogue, which then turns into a sublime and atmospheric finale. There have never been such theatrical moments on Wojnar’s albums.

When this CD came to me, it did not leave my player for a long time. Wojnar recorded the best material in his career, in no way inferior to his previous magnum opus, i.e. “Epos o woju z krainy mrozem spowitej”, and even surpassing it in sheer strength and power. The album isn’t much shorter than some of his older achievements, but there are no weak, boring or redundant moments on it. As a result, we got one of the best Slavic albums of 2023. I hope that this is not the end of Wojnar’s musical journey. But even if it is, it’s hard to imagine a better one.


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