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Cultus / Pest new split + Pest LPs out now

Cultus / Pest – “Werelden ten onder / The ancient sleep” split LP – new material from both bands. Originally scheduled as the 200th Heidens Hart release in its 25th year of existence. Delayed by some years, but finally out now;

Pest – “Schwarze Visionen” MLP – The classic and weird 1998 demo on vinyl. Original audio, original artwork;

Pest – “Vado mori” LP – Amazing album of German black metal with hysterical voices. Lots of tracks on this album that grew out to become classics for the band;

Pest – “Tenebris obortis” LP –  The own style of riffs and structures that were present since the debut demo further evolved into more chaos and fury.

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Heimdalls Wacht EP + shirts out now

Out now: Heimdalls Wacht “Ursprung” MCD. In 2009, Heimdalls Wacht did a split with Heervader and Winterlieke. The split CD sold out instantly and the lengthy track “Threnos” became a favourite song for many people. Except on a limited compilation tape, the track was not reissued due to various reasons. The song marked a part of what was to be come three pieces of a puzzle that should be seen as a whole, with the two other parts released on later albums. Now the circle is complete and it’s time to bring them together. These songs are very important and even quintessential pieces of art for Heimdalls Wacht. After years of requests, we decided to unite the three “Ursprung” songs together on one release. The listener may know the other two parts appeared on “Ut de graute olle Tied – Deel II” and “Mystagogie”. All tracks are now compiled and united on this “Ursprung” EP.

Also available again on t-shirt and girlie: the Logo/Rune in dark grey on black.

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Out now: Todesstoß – Vergängnisse digipack CD

Compilation of the “Eine verlorene Seele” debut album, “Endlose Suche” demo plus other material from the first era of Todesstoß. Unique historical German black metal material: disturbing, hysterical and surreal. Comes in 6-panel digipack with 20-page booklet featuring all exclusive original artwork, in-depth liner notes, all lyrics in German and English, photos and more.

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Drevorod and Drunemeton new albums out now!

Some of my favourite pagan black metal albums released last year are Gromoverzh, Theudho, Rites Of Tara, Slavland, Wojnar, Diabolical Fullmoon. Let’s continue those standards and start 2024 with two anticipated full lengths in the genre. Two albums that can both be described as pagan black metal though they do not sound alike at all.

Drunemeton – “Tir Nan Og“. Highly recommended to fans of Graveland, Bathory and Ancestors Blood. OUT NOW!

Drevorod – “Anthems of Soil and Stars“. Highly recommended to fans of Drudkh, Temnozor and Nokturnal Mortum. OUT NOW!

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Veneration Of The Dead festival – part IX

Saturday 14 oktober 2023 – Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)

The final edition in the cult temple Baroeg as it has stood for over 40 years. As most of you know, the old venue will be replaced by a new, slightly bigger one. In the 90s, bands like Blasphemy, Rotting Christ, Emperor, Satyricon and Mayhem already played in the venue, which has become an icon for alternative music.Jjoin us for one last Veneration in the old building. And after that, it’s on towards the next 40 years.

ANCIENT (performing Svartalvheim & Trolltaar for the last time)

Tickets 23,50 euro:

Veneration Of The Dead festival - part IX

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New releases out now:

HULDREFOLK – Morbide elite (2LP)
Second and final Huldrefolk album, out now on vinyl 2LP. Over an hour of pesten trollish black metal.

WROK – De dood roept (LP)
Vinyl edition of the new album. Wrok is back to disturb you with a second album of total uncomfortable and extreme black metal.

DUUSTER & KRANGE – ‘t Begunt (MC)
Debut demo released on super limited cassette. Expect four tracks of Heksenpiano Dansmuziek: obscure music that maybe sounds like mix of dungeon / keller synth and synthwave with black metal vocals.

THUEHENTI – Star of hatred (MC)
Primitive black metal in the vein of Ildjarn. Second demo with harsher sound than the first one.

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Sternklang LPs out now

The first three Sternklang tapes out now on vinyl. Primitive and monotonous isolationist black metal. Oppressive atmosphere through exceptional riffs and unique songwriting. Remixed specifically for vinyl from the originals recordings. High quality, heavy vinyl pressing. No CD versions ever, no digital.

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Out now:

LUGUBRE / MISANTHROPY – United in mankind’s annihilation (split LP)
Anti-human black metal. The devastating hammer of Satan stikes against unworthy existences. Limited to 200 copies. From an unapologetic and crude time, before Myspace/Instagram/Youtube even existed.

BURNING WINDS / KERBEROS – Apotheosis of war / Where darkness reigns (split LP)
Anti-human krieg black metal. Two splits on one LP. Death’s prophet commands genocidal impalement. From an unapologetic and crude time, before Myspace/Instagram/Youtube even existed. Limited to 200 copies.

BOTTENBERG – De laatste onrustplaats (LP)
Debut album of morbid black metal. A piece of classick Dutch black metal in praise of diseases, blasphemy and medieval misery. Vinyl only. Comes with hand numbered inlay with lyrics, etc. Option to include Iserne #1 magazine, including the first and only Bottenberg interview.

PEST – “Ära” and “Tenebris obortis” shaped patches
Official Pest shaped patches.

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Wyvern MCD out now

Majestic and medieval! Keyboard driven raw spellbinding black metal. This third chapter of magician Wyvern takes the listener through a phantastic and mysterious land full of witchcraft and flames on a hunt for tyrants and dragons. Should appeal to those into old Mjölnir, Grausamkeit/Corneus. Comes in a special hand numbered and assembled edition of 250 relics.