Decayed – Blasphemic offering – The singles 1993-2011 (2CD)


Singles and compilation tracks collection, plus unreleased bonus. Decayed continues their onslaught of total black metal with this extensive compilation of their many EPs. Includes a big booklet with all lyrics, pictures, liner notes, etc. No room for gothic or modern influences here. Pure old black chaotic metal, for worshippers of Warhammer, Countess and Gravewurm (not the pop/rock band). These two discs include:

Disc one:
Songs 1 to 5 taken from the “The Seven Seals” EP 1993
Songs 6 and 7 taken from the “Behold the Wrath” EP 1997
Songs 8 to 10 taken from the “Decadentia Christii” split-EP 2000
Song 11 taken from the “The Bulldozer Armageddon II” split-EP 2001
Song 12 taken from the “Black Metal Endsieg II” split-EP 2001
Songs 13 to 21 taken from the “Satanic Blast” EP 2002
Songs 22 to 24 taken from the “Hymns To Satan” EP 2002

Disc two:
Songs 1 to 5 taken from the “Remnants….. Of A Past” EP 2004
Songs 6 to 8 taken from the “…Hell-Witch…” EP 2007
Songs 9 to 11 taken from the “Eternal Damnation” unreleased EP 2007
Songs 12 to 16 taken from the “Heinous Metal” unreleased EP 2011
Song 17 taken from “The Birth of a Tragedy” compilation LP 1992
Song 18 taken from “French Attack” 2000
Song 19 taken from “Lusitania Dark Horde” compilation CD 2003
Song 20 taken from split CD with Xerion
Song 21 – unreleased track

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